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UAE Doors

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WPC Material Manufactured Using Mix from Wood flour With polymer Composite Product With Best Scientific Technology Melt on High Degree and Extrusion in Special Moulds.

Resistance to Rot , Crack and 100% Waterproof No Need to Paint, Wax, or Stain in Installation Sites Impervious to Insects and Termite Environmentally Friendly, No Contain toxic Chemicals Manufactured from Sustainable and Renewable Resources Prevent Bacteria and Effects of Wet and Dry Rot.

We Use WPC Material to Manufacture and Installing Interior Doors Of (Rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens) and Assembled According to the Required Sizes with Simple Designs and Different Colors Aligned with any Dec.

We Warrant our Interior Doors from WPC Material Against any Damage to the door ,from Moisture or Termites Or Expansion with High Temperatures or installation Problems for 10 Years from Installing Date.

Doors (the Panel): The Interior Panel from Wpc with 35mm Thickness Each Side has 6 mm Thick and Internal Beams Every 40mm

Frame : From WPC with 40mm Thick and Bring Width (According To Site Actual Wall Size from (10:25cm)